$18,000.00 USD

Using portions of the same moulds created for the underwater mermaids, Requiem represents one possible destiny of the mermaid sculpture in the distant future. The extremely aged Patina gives the impression the shattered bust and torso is a rediscovered fragment of a relic of antiquity.

Made in the same scale as the full size mermaids, Requiem stands just over four feet tall, perfect for larger residential and corporate spaces. An alternate base can be specified for outdoor placements. (One similar but no longer available casting “Requiem for Atlantis”, was installed on an intertidal rock in British Columbia. When the tide is in, she is concealed. As the tide recedes, she is slowly revealed)

Inspired by a ship’s figurehead, Requiem was commissioned by a maritime museum in Baltimore and completed on November 21st, 2020.

  • Size 45” H x 12” D x 25” W Exclusive of Base
  • Base size and style dependent on inside or outside installation Standard base included in price – inquiries welcome for custom fabrication.
  • Please allow approximately ten weeks for completion.
  • Edition of 6 and 1 Artist’s proof.