Nowhere To Go

$16,000.00 USD

In January 2020 Simon was inducted as a Signature Member of the Artists for Conservation Foundation, (AFC) who in their own words “Represent 500 of the world’s most influential artists using their work to raise funds for the environment”. This included an invitation to create a new piece for submission to the selection jury for inclusion in the AFC 2020 International Exhibit of Nature in Art held at the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver, in October, 2020. The piece, “Nowhere to Go” was selected by the jury and publicly unveiled at the exhibit. “Nowhere to Go” is a worldwide Limited Edition of 6 signed numbered and dated bronze castings plus 1 Artists Proof.

It is a commentary on climate change and habitat loss in the eastern Canadian Arctic, with diminishing sea ice reducing the habitat of the polar bear and allowing the North Atlantic orca more frequent access to the traditional habitat of the narwhal who are helpless against their predation. The sculpture captures the drama unfolding below as the orca chases the narwhal, and the polar bear, preoccupied with his own predicament, looks on mostly unaware. This story has held my attention for several years, and my motivation to create the piece has been to hopefully shed some light on the situation and raise funds for more research.

  • Edition of 6
  • 38” H x 34” W x 22” D
  • Mounted on a 2” base of polished walnut